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So., 07. Juli



Hobie Cat 18' Sailing Course

Once you've learnt the basics of sailing, you need to expand on your Hobie knowledge and skills. This adult sailing course concentrates on building your Hobie sailing abilities, the 'HobieCat Skills' course is the way to go.

Hobie Cat 18' Sailing Course
Hobie Cat 18' Sailing Course

Time & Location

07. Juli 2024, 10:00 – 18:00

Tutzing, Nordbadstraße 1, 82327 Tutzing, Germany

About the Event

Embark on an electrifying adventure with Hobie cat sailing, where every moment is infused with excitement. Renowned among sailing aficionados for their unparalleled acceleration and velocity, Hobie catamarans offer an adrenaline-fueled voyage, often surging beyond 20 knots in favorable winds. If you crave the rush of adrenaline, our Hobie sailing lessons are tailor-made for you.

Our comprehensive Hobie sailing courses immerse you in the art of maneuvering these small, high-performance sailing vessels. Hobie sailing presents the perfect platform for thrill-seekers to master the art of sailing agile, lightweight yachts capable of reaching speeds far surpassing traditional monohull sailboats, often exceeding 60 kilometers per hour.

Joining our Hobie sailing courses unlocks the exhilarating sensation of being suspended in a trapeze harness, tethered to the mast's apex, while bracing your soles against the boat's hull, parallel to the water. It's an experience that defies gravity and ignites the senses.

Prepare for a wet and wild journey with Hobie sailing, as the velocity attained ensures a spray of excitement off the bow of the boat, enveloping you in a thrilling mist. For an unparalleled adventure that pushes the boundaries of excitement, look no further. Join us and dive into the unparalleled thrills of Hobie sailing!


1 hours 100€ 

2 hours 150€                    

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