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Discover the Hidden Gems: Top Anchorages in the Kornati Islands

Sailing Munich invites you to discover the enchanting Kornati Islands, a hidden gem nestled in the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. This archipelago showcases a paradise of unparalleled natural beauty, making it an ideal destination for those yearning for a sailing retreat in Croatia.

Whether you're plotting your next cruise or seeking inspiration for your next adventure, come along with us as we unveil the finest anchorages of the Kornati Islands. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience amidst breathtaking landscapes and tranquil waters.

The Kornati Islands are celebrated for their unspoiled landscapes and untouched natural allure. Spanning over 140 islands, islets, and reefs, this archipelago boasts a diverse array of mesmerizing sights. From rugged limestone hills, dramatic cliffs, and concealed caves to secluded beaches and crystalline turquoise waters, each corner of the Kornati Islands unveils a new, picturesque panorama. Prepare to be enthralled by the abundant marine life, vibrant underwater ecosystems, and the enchanting harmony between land and sea. The Kornati Islands offer an enticing opportunity for captivating island-hopping adventures. Thanks to their close proximity and varied landscapes, sailing through the Kornati archipelago enables you to seamlessly explore multiple islands and uncover their distinct charms. From the mainland of Kornat Island to destinations like Žut, Levrnaka, Žirje, Lavsa, and beyond, the possibilities are endless.

Moreover, as you navigate through the labyrinth of channels and passages within the Kornati National Park, you'll encounter a mix of challenging and leisurely sailing conditions, making for an exhilarating and fulfilling experience. Whether you're seeking adventure or relaxation, the Kornati Islands promise an unforgettable journey through pristine waters and captivating scenery.

In addition to its breathtaking natural beauty, the Kornati Islands boast a wealth of cultural and historical treasures. As integral parts of the Kornati National Park, these islands harbor ancient ruins, traditional stone structures, and remnants of bygone civilizations. For instance, the Byzantine fortress on Žirje, dating back to the 6th century, provides panoramic views of the surrounding islands, offering a glimpse into the region's storied past.

Moreover, you can delve into the local traditions and savor authentic Croatian cuisine in the quaint coastal villages, further enhancing the richness of your sailing experience. Whether exploring ancient ruins or indulging in culinary delights, the Kornati Islands promise a journey filled with both natural wonders and cultural discoveries. Attention: Regulations for Kornati National Park

When navigating in the Kornati National Park area, it's essential to be mindful of specific regulations.

Firstly, to access the Kornati National Park, it's necessary to purchase a ticket online. This ticket grants you access to mooring buoys and ensures a secure stay at anchorages within the park. The proceeds from these entrance fees contribute to the preservation and upkeep of the park's natural and cultural heritage.

Secondly, anchoring is generally permitted only in designated areas within the park, with mooring buoys strongly recommended for use.

Lastly, speed limits are enforced within the park to safeguard visitor safety and minimize disturbances to the environment.

As always, take the time to acquaint yourself with the precise rules regarding anchoring, waste disposal, and other local regulations to uphold responsible and sustainable boating practices.

Top Anchorages in the Kornati Islands:

  1. Uvala Stupica Vela Žirje

  2. Uvala Donji Statival (Kornat Island)

  3. Uvala Lopatica

  4. Uvala Koromačna (Kornat Island)

  5. Uvala Bizikovica (Žut Island)

  6. Vodopije (Žut Island)

These prime anchorages promise unforgettable experiences amidst the stunning beauty of the Kornati Islands.

Uvala Stupica Vela Žirje:

Discover this anchorage on Navily Our first stop on this tour may be a bit distant from the main islands of the Kornati archipelago, but it's undoubtedly worth the journey (and the Octopus agrees!). Situated to the west of Kornat Island, Otok Žirje offers an exceptional anchorage renowned for its unique ambiance. It's a true natural sanctuary, providing unparalleled tranquility amidst its wild surroundings. Here, the lush coastline caressed by deep blue waters creates a scene straight out of a dream.

As for anchoring conditions, the bay offers excellent protection from all winds except those coming from the south. Moreover, it boasts ample sandy spots with reliable holding, offering depths of around 8 meters. Alternatively, you can opt to secure your vessel to one of the buoys available on-site. During peak season, it's advisable to arrive early, as this gem of an anchorage tends to attract a fair share of visitors throughout the day.

Once safely moored, you'll find a restaurant ashore serving delectable fresh seafood. For the adventurous souls, the Navily community highly recommends taking a short stroll to explore the ruins of an ancient Byzantine fortress. This serene walk through the island's lush vegetation leads to the summit of the ruins, offering breathtaking vistas across the bay. And, of course, don't miss the opportunity to unwind and witness the mesmerizing sunsets that paint the sky in hues of rose gold over the island.

Uvala Donji Statival:

Explore this anchorage on Navily Our journey with Sailing Munich now takes us to the mainland of Kornat Island, where the charming Uvala Donji Statival awaits in the northern part, offering a bay with an awe-inspiring panorama. As you approach, you'll be greeted by small limestone hills emerging from the crystal-clear Adriatic waters, showcasing intricate textures and earthy tones. The bay itself is embraced by sparse lime green vegetation, lending a serene atmosphere to the surrounding coastline.

Amidst this picturesque backdrop, Uvala Donji Statival provides natural protection against winds from the northeast to the south by the west, boasting 7 mooring buoys for added convenience. Anchoring is also an option, but caution is advised to avoid disturbing the seagrass meadows that carpet most of the seabed.

Uvala Donji Statival serves as an ideal stopover for exploring the Kornati National Park, a protected area renowned for its 89 islands, islets, and reefs. The park is a sanctuary of rich biodiversity, vibrant marine life, nesting bird species, and Mediterranean flora, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts and a paradise for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts.

Stringent regulations are in place to ensure sustainable tourism, making Uvala Donji Statival a must-visit destination for those seeking both exceptional beauty and ecological significance.

After a day of exploration, treat yourself to a delightful dinner ashore at "Konoba Statival," a highly recommended restaurant by the Sailing Munich community. Here, you can savor delicious Croatian cuisine amidst a relaxing ambiance, bringing a perfect end to your enchanting experience in this captivating anchorage.

Uvala Lopatica:

Discover this anchorage on Navily If you couldn't secure a spot at Uvala Donji Statival, Sailing Munich recommends its striking counterpart, Uvala Lopatica Bay, located on the southwestern coast of Kornat Island. Often touted by the Navily community as the top choice for anchorage in the Šibenik region encompassing the Kornati Islands, Uvala Lopatica Bay boasts a landscape of unparalleled beauty. Its pristine waters offer captivating panoramic views of neighboring small islands such as Koritnjak, Rasip, and Gustac.

As Uvala Lopatica Bay falls within the boundaries of the Kornati National Park, visitors must adhere to the park's regulations, including responsible anchoring practices and respecting the protected marine life. Fortunately, anchoring in Uvala Lopatica is facilitated by sandbanks with excellent holding, while the bay's natural configuration provides effective protection against wind and swell from nearly all directions except the south.

Once securely anchored, a myriad of activities await you in the Kornati National Park, from diving into its vibrant underwater world to hiking amidst its rugged terrain and delving into the park's rich natural and cultural heritage. With its blend of adventure, relaxation, and exploration opportunities, Uvala Lopatica cements its reputation as one of the premier anchorages in the Kornati archipelago.

Uvala Koromačna:

Nestled at the southernmost tip of the island's narrowest stretch, Uvala Koromačna reveals itself as a hidden gem, exuding natural beauty and tranquility. The anchorage is framed by desert-like rock formations and sparse Mediterranean vegetation, adding touches of greenery and fragrance to the rugged landscape.

Facing the anchorage, a picturesque small harbor awaits, offering a serene spot to anchor your vessel. With a seabed composed of soft sand at a depth of 8 meters, anchoring is secure, while an option to moor at one of the seven available buoys adds convenience. Moreover, Uvala Koromačna Bay is characterized by its stunning turquoise blue waters and provides excellent shelter from winds blowing from the south to the north by the east.

This enchanting cove also serves as an ideal launching point for exploring the southern reaches of the national park, where more of the Kornati archipelago's pristine beauty unfolds. The restaurant nestled along the coast comes highly recommended by the Sailing Munich community, promising a delightful dining experience. As the day draws to a close, immerse yourself in the fiery hues of a magnificent sunset, offering the perfect conclusion to an unforgettable sailing odyssey.

Uvala Bizikovica:

Our next destination promises an unforgettable experience - Uvala Bizikovica, nestled along the west coast of Zut Island. This expansive bay offers sweeping views of the small island of Pinizelić. Upon approaching the anchorage, you'll find yourself entering a secluded haven adorned with cobalt waters glistening under the Mediterranean sun's warm embrace. The backdrop that unfolds before you is a sight to behold - small eroded hills adorned with sparse Mediterranean greenery, juxtaposed against rugged cliffs displaying a captivating spectrum of earthy hues, ranging from soft beige to deep terracotta.

Moreover, Uvala Bizikovica provides natural protection against eastern winds from the northeast to the south. The anchorage's shallow sandbanks ensure a secure and stable hold for dropping anchor, adding to the peace of mind of sailors.

The absence of bustling crowds further enhances the intimate and serene ambiance of Uvala Bizikovica, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the untouched beauty of the island. For those seeking adventure, a short hike to the summit of a nearby hill offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. After a long day of sailing, this picturesque bay serves as a tranquil sanctuary amidst captivating scenery, promising a rejuvenating experience for sailors in search of peaceful seclusion.


To culminate our tour, Sailing Munich has saved one of the Kornati archipelago's most cherished treasures for last: Vodopije anchorage. Here, the creek's translucent deep teal waters and stunning surroundings conjure a serene ambiance, enveloped by lush greenery and rugged shores. Dropping anchor is a breeze thanks to the shallow sandbanks, offering optimal holding, while the well-protected inlet shields from northwestern to southeastern winds by the west. Additionally, you can utilize shore lines to secure your vessel in the event of an unexpected gust of wind.

As the sun begins its descent, casting warm hues across the landscape, Vodopije undergoes a magical transformation. Bathed in golden light, the hills and vegetation create a picturesque and romantic atmosphere. This idyllic anchorage beckons you to reconnect with nature, providing a sanctuary of tranquility and beauty amidst the captivating Kornati Islands.

As a secluded and natural spot, this creek is an excellent option for those seeking a peaceful ambiance outside the protected area of the National Park. It's the perfect way to conclude your cruise through the Kornati Islands in style.

Unfortunately, this marks the final stop on our tour through the best anchorages of the Kornati Islands. In summary, the archipelago offers an irresistible blend of unspoiled natural beauty, excellent sailing conditions, and a captivating cultural heritage. Whether you crave tranquility in secluded anchorages, thrilling sailing adventures, or a journey into the past, the Kornati Islands stand as a must-visit destination in Croatia.

Sailing Munich hopes you've enjoyed the journey and that it inspires your future boat trips to the Kornati Islands. For further exploration of the region, check out our other articles on Croatia!

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