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VHF Marine Communications Master SRC

The VHF Marine Communications Master SRC Course covers an overview of VHF Radio sets, the components of VHF-related maritime safety systems, and how to operate a VHF Maritime Radio.
Correct radio procedure has been developed in order to reduce to the absolute minimum the amount of time used during communications and to maximize clarity of understanding between users.
Students are taught the rules of use for VHF Marine Radios and the pro words and phrases that are part of this agreed international process.

On this important Safety Course, we teach you to send a Mayday, make Urgency Calls, act as a Mayday Relay and learn and understand radio protocol and the use of the radio procedure.

We teach you about Search and Rescue protocol and your obligations and imperatives when responding to distress or urgency calls. We teach you to use a radio for everyday communication and for those situations where lives depend on your relay skills.

Students wishing to become  International Bareboat Skippers or Yachtmaster Coastal, YM Offshore, and YM Ocean must have completed a VHF Radio course*


  • Line of Sight Operation- Basic VHF explained

  • Rules of usage

  • Basic Operation

  • Relay

  • Nato Phonetic Code

  • Met Info

  • Channel 16

  • Safety

  • Ships Channels

  • Urgency Calls


  • Emergency Calls

  • Satellite Devices

  • Obligations and imperatives

  • SART

We accept different forms of payment depending on where you apply. 

290 €

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