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Yachtmaster Offshore


The Yachtmaster Offshore is a recreational sailing certificate that is highly regarded and difficult to earn. 

The YMO has to have significant marine knowledge and advanced practical skill, based on many years of marine experience. Few sailors hold this qualification and IYT and ISSA ensures the high standards, enshrined in this course.

Sailors with this certificate are qualified to skipper a sailing yacht up to 24 meters in length (78 feet) up to 150 miles offshore and in any weather conditions.  


It is a widely recognized qualification around the world and a real accomplishment

– you can be proud the day that you earn this certificate.

This credential marks an important point in your yachting career and your CV/resume looks far more attractive to charter companies and to other yachties. Ideally, you are doing this course for your own personal development, but it also tells your friends, peers, and charter companies that you know what you are doing.

The YMO Course appeals to those aspiring to command sailing yachts of up to 24 meters.  The syllabus is the same as the Yachtmaster Coastal course. Prospective Yachtmaster Offshore candidates have, however, to have a higher level of theoretical knowledge and much better practical skills, to attain this award.

Yachtmaster is an advanced level certification and is available in a 2 week + exam program, combining shore-based theory and practical hands-on techniques for a Sailing Yacht and the YMO Examination.  


You need at minimum, to have at least the Yachtmaster Coastal or equivalent, and probably 3-5 years of sea time, plus the properly logged and signed sea miles (2,500 nautical miles). Students enrolling in this course will be required to learn the IRPCS to a high standard prior to starting the course. 

This is a high-level course and we can accept only accomplished and knowledgeable yachtsmen and yachtswomen. Essentially the course refines their skills ready for the examiner.

Students registering for this program are strongly advised to do some pre-study. Once you are booked onto the course, we will send you the course materials and you will significantly increase the likelihood of passing the theory examinations if you start studying 3 or 4 months before the Yachtmaster Offshore course starts.

You will be examined on the final day of the course and if the successful applicant will be made to IYT or ISSA for the award of a Yachtmaster Offshore certificate.
A VHF radio operators certificate is also required, as is medical. You need to get these before IYT will accept your application. STCW Basic Safety Training is highly recommended.

Course Outline:

  • international collision regulations

  • nautical terminology

  • navigational charts and publications

  • dead reckoning and estimated position

  • position fixing

  • tidal calculations

  • currents

  • pilotage

  • safety at sea

  • meteorology

  • generalship knowledge

  • seamanship

  • ropework

  • anchoring

  • berthing

  • buoyage

  • boat handling

  • docking

  • passage planning

  • ability to command

  • situational awareness

This comprehensive high-level shore-based course includes assessment papers and written examinations. Candidates are advised that a considerable amount of private study and varied cruising experience is required in addition to the formal instruction provided. We strongly advise you to sign up at least 3 months in advance so we can send you our course notes handbook, for revision purposes. (In two weeks it is impossible to cover everything that a Yachtmaster should know, understand and be capable of practicing).


We accept different forms of payment depending on where you apply. 


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