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Yachtmaster Coastal


The Worldwide Yachtmaster Coastal certificate is a recreational certificate of competency for operating yachts up to a maximum of 78ft / 24m in coastal waters up to a distance of 60 miles offshore in moderate wind and sea conditions, day and night. It is a comprehensive live aboard course consisting of six days for sail which includes the practical on water examination.

IYT courses are unique in that theory and practice are seamlessly interwoven and as a consequence students learning is vastly improved. Our Yachtmaster Coastal course requires candidates to have mastered the collision regulations, navigation (DR, EP, Fixes, GPS, Course to Steer, etc), tides, and currents and have a good knowledge of the IYT Bareboat Skipper Syllabus.


Students wishing to attend this course need to have 800 sea miles properly logged and hold an

IYT Bareboat Skipper or RYA Day Skipper certificate.

We recommend that prospective students complete the STCW Safety Course prior to engaging in this course.


  • international collision regulations

  • navigational charts and publications

  • dead reckoning and estimated position

  • position fixing

  • tides and currents

  • pilotage

  • safety at sea

  • meteorology

  • ropework

  • anchoring

  • boat handling

  • docking

  • passage planning

1300 €


We accept different forms of payment depending on where you apply. 

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