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How to properly throw a Dock Line

Use this simple technique to throw a line accurately short to moderate distances.

Being able to properly toss a dock line to another person is an essential skill every skipper should have. While easily learned, there are a number of steps you should take to ensure a proper throw.

Start by securing one end of the line to the boat, mostly as a security measure. You don’t want to accidentally have the entire line end up in the water! Begin coiling the line into manageable, yet long loops. Take care to keep them from overlapping heavily. Separate a little more than half into your throwing hand, holding tightly onto the remaining portion in your non-throwing hand. You’ll want to keep control of this line throughout the throw.

Pick your target on the dock and have them extend their arm. You don’t want to throw directly at someone. No one wants to get hit in the face with rope! Instead, try to toss the line directly over the outstretched arm. It’s easy for the person on the dock to take over the line from there.

Stay with the line until the boat is adjusted into position, tightening from your end if need be.

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